Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ronald Vargas to MLS?


Here's the latest report on Ronald Vargas from various sources within MLS and overseas.

The original Ronald Vargas report of his interest in MLS came from Pok-a-tok, a Venezuelan radio show. They suspected interest in the Union but have since changed that stance and insist it's actually the Colorado Rapids who are potential buyers.

Can't find anyone who can confirm or deny these reports but interesting news has come up from our friend, Daniel Prat who writes for Gerente Deportivo in Venezuela. He says that MLS is just an option for Vargas and a deal with the league is no where close to being done. Vargas' agent is working towards a possible deal with MLS because he enjoys America and has family is America which was brought up by MLS Transfers here in January.

Vargas has been in the United States for a few weeks now and has visited Las Vegas and Miami on vacation.

Another source has told MLS Transfers that undisclosed Brazlian and Dutch teams are inquiring as well.

There has been no word on who owns his rights in MLS, whether that be New York or any other team.

Click here, hereand here to see the full reports on Ronald Vargas when he was linked with the Red Bulls this past winter.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rumors and Reports 6/9/14

Here's the latest run down of rumors and reports as MLS comes to a standstill over the next few weeks.

-MLS target Juan Agudelo is expected to sign with Hannover 96 as soon as this week. Reported first by MLS Transfers, a source says negotiations have been going smoothly and are expected to get done.

- Former Chelsea star Joe Cole is looking for a new club after he was let go by West Ham. His agent has offered him to numerous MLS sides and Orlando City might step up to the plate. We'll see what happens over the next few weeks.

- Frank Lampard to NYCFC looks like a done deal but French side Lille seemed like they were extremely interested as they held talks with his agent a week before the English national team left for Miami.

- Drogba is now club-less and despite reports of him going to Chelsea for a farewell tour, an MLS side is still interested. Not sure what next steps are being taken though as we've heard he hasn't had any contact with any MLS official in over 6 months.

- San Jose Earthquakes new stadium will be ready for 2015 and like we've been hearing for over a year now, they want to make a big signing to go along with it. Some names being thrown around? Mexico's Andres Guardado (though seems highly unlikely) and Columbia's Abel Aguilar (also unlikely).

-DeMarcus Beasley is almost guaranteed to join an MLS side as soon as the US National Team leaves Brazil this summer. Chicago Fire are in line for his services while NYCFC were interested some weeks back. That interest has since cooled though a source has said.

-Seems likely Julio Cesar is leaving Toronto after the World Cup. The likes of Porto, Flamengo and home club QPR are all set to want him (or want him back in QPR's case).

-French forward Djibril Cisse wants an MLS contract says a source overseas. Haven't heard anything on that front but be on the lookout for that.

- Orlando City President Phil Rawlins admitted to MLS Transfers that they have talked with both Kaka and Robinho. We're starting to think that Robinho is now first choice in Orlando.

- Philadelphia Union have been in search of a reliable goalscorer for some time now. Italy, England, Holland and more have been looked at over the past 8 or so months. No names have come up but I have a feeling that will be changing soon.

- World Cup players (besides the one's already named) some MLS clubs are looking at:

- Defender, Nic Lombaerts (Belgium)
- Midfielder, Jean Makoun (Cameroon)
- Midfielder, Jean Beausejour (Chile)
- Midfielder, Diego Calvo (Costa Rica)
- Midfielder, Christian Bolanos (Costa Rica)
- Defender, Walter Ayovi (Ecuador)
- Forward, Dirk Kuyt (Holland)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Interview: Orlando City president talks stadium, Kaka, Robinho and Brek


Today I had the chance to talk with Orlando City Owner and President, Phil Rawlins about a multitude of topics, including our favorite: transfers. 

Rawlins on the stadium renderings that came out this week and the official announcement next week:  "I think what they can expect is one of the best downtown stadiums in the league. It's a great facility, it's a great location. We're two or three blocks from the bars and everything else in downtown Orlando and we've spent a lot of time studying a lot of stadiums. Not only around MLS but around Europe and we're trying to incorporate the very best of what we like into those stadiums so it's pretty cool."

Rawlins on Brek Shea: "It's really been a favor to Stoke City. Brek wanted to train somewhere and was here in the states for a couple of weeks and obviously because of our connection to Stoke we were able to offer him (a place to train). He's been here the last couple of weeks and I think he's headed out today or tomorrow to go back to Dallas. He's totally enjoyed his time here and good for him and good for the lads to be around that kind of quality player."

Rawlins on bringing Brek back to Orlando permanently: "No, there's nothing right now, just was simply an opportunity for him to train and we were excited for him to be here, and that's really it was all about."

Rawlins on updates of possible Brazilians coming to Orlando: "We continue to talk with them (Brazilian players) about the possibilities. We've said our business plan is to bring very, very top level, best of the best Brazilian player here and that's all we're committed to doing. We've had talks with several players among them, Kaka and Robinho, and we'd be delighted to bring someone of that caliber. That's our goal. We hope to get someone in that arena in the next few months."

Rawlins on other specific Brazilian players tempted to Orlando: "We've spoken to a number of them but that's confidential. We're going to try and bring someone in the caliber of Kaka because that's what we promised we would do and that's something we're committed to doing."

Rawlins on the announcement of their first DP: "I'm delighted to see David (Villa) in the league and it's a great signing for New York. They have their time scale, we have our time scale that we set but it's the time scale that suits the player, agent and everybody else to get into negotiations so we haven't set a firm time. We're working towards it diligently and we'll get there I'm sure, in the not too distant future."

Rawlins on the possible number of DP slots to be filled up in 2015: "We don't right now know. What we're really focused on is building the right team balance. It's about quality and the right balance for the way that we play. We're very committed to our style of play and we're not going to change that. New players will have to fit into that system and style of play before anything else."

Rawlins on Orlando City style of play for 2015: "We have our style of play since day one, we've won two championships in the last 3 years. It's very exciting, very dynamic style of play. We play a 4-2-3-1, it's no secret, we make very exciting, entertaining football, a very short passing game, we move the ball quickly, we seek to get our fullbacks forward as much as we can and it's created for exciting soccer."

-Marc Kusant (@TheRedestBull)