Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adidas may be promoting Del Piero transfer to MLS (UPDATES)


A ton of news came out today regarding that Italian legend Alessandro Del Piero was considering coming to MLS but nothing more concrete than Nicolo Schira, a writer for Panorama and commentator for several television stations.

Nicolo has told MLS Transfers exclusively that Del Piero is gaining interest from Japan, China and MLS, specifically DC United and that Adidas might be helping to pull the strings.

Adidas is a main sponsor of Del Piero and is also a headlining sponsor of MLS, with all 19 clubs wearing Adidas kits. They apparently are having a big say in why the 39 year old should be heading to America.

More information to come.

Update 4/27/14: Nicolo Schira has told MLS Transfers that sometime this upcoming week a decision will be made by Del Piero. That situation is the same as it was late last week. The former Italian international has options in Japan, China and MLS, supposedly the club being DC United. Look out for more information in the coming days in this space.

Update 5/2/14: After reports from both Nicolo Schira and David Amoyal (Twitter: @DavidAmoyal) saying that Del Piero is in preliminary talks with LA Galaxy, MLS Transfers can confirm talks between Del Piero, MLS and Adidas have started. Del Piero landed in LA yesterday and had lunch in Santa Monica. Today, a source confirmed a Major League Soccer representative went out to California to meet with Del Piero and two senior level Adidas directors to talk about a possible deal to bring the 39 year old to the league. It is unknown what team, how long, or when he will be signing. More details to come.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MLS, Darren Bent in talks?

Bent at the "Rocky Stairs" in Philadelphia

A source familiar with Darren Bent has said that Bent's agent and MLS have begun preliminary talks to bring the 30 year old English striker to MLS.

The source says talks started this week, after parent club Aston Villa had a meeting with Bent to let him know he wouldn't be in their plans next year. The club he's on loan with, Fulham, have also indicated that if Bent wanted back, he would need to restructure his deal, most likely at a pay cut as Bent's play, lack of playing time, and the club looking at relegation all would factor in to a new deal.

After a mind-blowing 09-10 campaign with Sunderland in which Bent scored 24 Premier League goals, he was transferred to Aston Villa in 2011 for a record $33 million. Bent's formed has significantly dropped since then, in which he has accumulated 24 league goals over the past 4 seasons.

As recent as 2012, Bent was optimistic about MLS.  "The MLS is improving all the time," Bent said in this interview with the Philadelphia Union website. "The standards keep on going up. I have been impressed with the MLS; it's definitely getting better and better."

Transfermrkt has Bent's transfer value at about $6.9 million. 

More information is bound to swarm in, so we'll be exclusively posting on this post.

Update 4/24/14: Same source says Crystal Palace may be putting in a bid for Bent for around $5.5 million come the start of the summer transfer window. No updates of MLS and Bent since the original report.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

McInerney to Hacworth - "Big mistake", Jack clears up big money talks


Jack McInerney may be the most honest player in the league. Here is an interview done this past weekend with the new Montreal froward.

MLS Transfers: Hey Jack, I know you've done a few interviews since the trade but the real question is this, did you see yourself growing under Hackworth's system?

McInerney: I definitely think I was getting better there with the coaches and players present, but at the end of the day I wasn't gonna be the best I canunder the system they were trying to establish.

MLS Transfers: A lot of talk about learning from Di Vaio which may be true but how will that effect your playing time this year?

McInerney: A question I'm still asking myself. right now I just have to assume they wanted me for a reason and that it's an immediate impact. No pun intended. (laughs)

MLS Transfers: Again, you were asked about Europe in recent interviews, what would happen if you didn't get the playing time you wanted in Montreal? Would Europe be an option or a move to another (MLS) team?

McInerney: Obviously I wouldn't be very happy. Either way if I don;t start right away or am in and out of the lineup, I understand it is a long season. I also can't expect play if I am not performing. If something comes along later or if the club wants to move me, I am open to it. But right now, I am happy here in Montreal.

MLS Transfers: I know you haven't been in Montreal long but what is different about it than Philly so far? Besides the French language...

McInerney: I think the city appreciates the team. there are only two pro sports teams here so when you turn on the TV, it's either hockey or the Impact. I tweeted out a pic in the last couple of days of me talking to press, that sums it up. Not that Philly doesn't love their team, but if you were to walk around, people would recognize and respect what you do.

MLS Transfers: If there was one last thing you could say to Hackworth, what would it be?

McInerney: Big mistake.

McInerney: I also want to clear one more thing...

MLS Transfers: Go ahead...

McInerney: Now that Montreal has announced I have one more year on my contract, the reason I said I would only redo a deal with Philly at the beginning of the year for big money is because that's what made sense. With another year there was no point of signing because what if I had a big year?Then I would be stuck with what I had when I could go bigger. they had to make it worth it to me, and that's why I said big money. Not that I thought I deserved big money though, obviously I would like it. (laughs)

MLS Transfers: Any last words to the Philly fans?

McInerney: I would just say I appreciate everything they did and I am excited to come back.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A quick moment with New York's new defender, Armando


We had a chance to talk to New York Red Bulls defender Armando for a brief moment last week.

MLS Transfers: Who contacted you about joining Red Bulls?

Armando: The club contacted directly my agent, Gonzalo Gaitan from You First Sports, and he deferred to me the terms of the offer. We studied it together and we decided to take it and signing with the New York Red Bulls.

MLS Transfers: Why did you decide to play in New York?

Armando: I had very good references of the MLS through teammates and other players that knew about it and had had previous experiences in the league. They told me the league is growing and the competition is getting better, and obviously the appeal of New York was big.

MLS Transfers: What other options did you turn down to play in MLS?

Armando: Now that I am a New York Red Bulls player I would (not) prefer to comment on other possible offers I might have had.

MLS Transfers: Playing with Barcelona B for a few years, what did your experiences at the club teach you?

Armando: My experiences at Barcelona B helped me improve and grow as a player and person and it was a very important part of my career and life.

MLS Transfers: Playing with (Thierry) Henry and (Tim) Cahill, how's that been so far? Also, who do you think the next big player to join the Red Bulls will be?

Armando: Playing alongside players of worldwide recognition is an honor for me and I (can't) stop learning from them everyday. (Armando did not answer the second part of the question.)