Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Exclusive - Honest Conversation Series:Shane O'Neill


MLS Transfers: Let's start with your opportunity at Sheffield Wednesday. How did that opportunity come about?

O'Neill: Through my agent really. I knew I wanted to go to Europe this offseason, I didn't plan on going back to England initially, I wanted to check out somewhere else (in Europe) but my agent said a good opportunity came up at Wednesday and Boro (Middlesbrough F.C.)

I went over to Wednesday and a couple days after I arrived we had a friendly with the Under 21's and it happened to be against Boro so it was like, "If you do well against them, they'll bring you up." I did well and Boro brought me up and I was there for 8 days. Both places were really good, very nice and both had a very good set up.

MLS Transfers: How did Wednesday and Boro compare to the MLS level you've gotten accustom too over the past several years?

O'Neill: You can tell the two clubs had different philosophies, different ambitions. With Wednesday there was a lot of grit, heart and fight everyday in training. Wednesday is more of a grind it out team. Standard wise it was good, it was a very honest standard.

When you go up to Boro, that's a team that really wants to get to the Prem within the next year. I think they're second in the Championship so you know they're in a good spot. You can tell the quality is high and the manager knows what he's doing. You can spot that Boro are very organized, and the quality was very high at training. Overall it was a really nice experience because it was bordering on a Premier League level.

MLS Transfers: There's been a couple rumors over the past couple of months of possible opportunities for you overseas. Have you and your agent looked into that?

O'Neill: You look into every opportunity honestly. It's funny because sometimes I'll know more about a rumor by looking at your twitter page than I know myself. (laughs) I did well at Boro and Wednesday and I'm waiting to see if anything happens with that but it's a tough spot to be in when you have two years left in your contract. I'm doing well with the Rapids right now so it's tough when clubs don't have a lot of money over there in the Championship. Going into the offseason I was thinking, "Well let's try out a place like Belgium" or something like that.

MLS Transfers: Have you talked to Klinnsman at all about your USMNT future?

O'Neill: I went to January camp last year but since then, not a whole lot. He was at a U-23 camp I was at but that's about it.

MLS Transfers: I wanted to see if you had any talks with him about you possibly going overseas.

O'Neill: I would like to talk to him if I get the chance to obviously. It would be interesting to see what his opinion would be.

MLS Transfers: We can end with this: Rapids fans want to know, will you be back in 2015?

O'Neill: Anything is possible in soccer but this moment in time, I'm contracted with the Rapids. I'm very happy with them so I expect to be back. 

Exclusive - Honest Conversation Series: Amobi Okugo


MLS Transfers had a talk with star Union midfielder, Amobi Okugo about the past season, where his future lies and his MLS MVP.

(This interview has been slightly edited for longevity purposes)

MLS Transfers: This Union team brought in some talented new players in 2014, so why didn't you guys make the playoffs this year?

Okugo: I think we just fell short. If we look at the games throughout the season I think we competed in all of them except maybe the LA Galaxy blowout. For the most part I feel like we competed hard except for little lapses whether it was a 5 minute span here, or a 12 minute span against Columbus. Throughout 90 minutes we'd fall asleep and we'd get punished for it. We had a lot of good players, a deep squad, the talent to do well, but the focus in crucial moments in various games punished us.

MLS Transfers: How would you rate your individual performance this season?

Okugo: I thought it was pretty good, I played both centerback and center midfield. I was consistent in the beginning of the season with Austin Berry but unfortunately, Austin got a little knock and then we had to shuffle the back line. I think that affected our backline as a whole and affected my partnership (with other players). But we did well to manage. Curtin came in and we had a little talk and he told me he wanted me to hold down the center midfield position. It took a couple games to get adjusted but once I got my groove down I think I played pretty well and as the season went on, I think I improved as a player.

MLS Transfers: Where have you seen yourself grow since your rookie year in the league?

Okugo: Just being able to take care of your body, what to eat, doing yoga, recovery, massages, all the little things that help you as a player - I think I've grown tremendously in that area. I've been working on weaknesses as well, whether its working on the left foot for 15 minutes after practice or working on head balls. When I was at centerback I was working on my aerial duels a lot. As a center-mid, I'm looking to switch the field more often. But you always have to be your biggest critic to get better, I've learned that as I've gotten older.

MLS Transfers: Let's get down to the gist of it. Have you had any talks with anyone in the Front Office yet about what's happening next year?

Okugo: Yeah, we had our end of the year meetings, they went well and we talked about what they have in mind for next year. There's all these reports coming out about a bona fide offer but I haven't gotten any offer, maybe they are talking to my agent who is actually dealing with that kind of stuff.

MLS Transfers: So you haven't officially gotten an offer from Philly yet for next season?

Okugo: No. I have not received any offer directly from the Union.

MLS Transfers: Have you heard about any interest abroad?

Okugo: Yeah, there's interest but it's all about me at the age of 23 taking the right steps and doing what's best for you. There's options within MLS and Europe, I'm just trying to take my time in the offseason training hard still, and letting my agent handle that situation.

MLS Transfers: Where do you think you'll end up? What does your gut say?

Okugo: Personally, God willing, I think I'll end up in the best situation for me. I don't want to be too revealing but if Philly makes an offer, I've always stated that I want to win something for the club and fans and I regret not having won a trophy for them and wanted so bad to win the Open Cup, but I've also said that my dream is to play in Europe to improve my chance of making the national team. We'll see what happens, I'm enjoying my options right now.

MLS Transfers: When will a decision be made on your future?

Okugo: I don't want to put a timetable on it but I don't want to be lollygagging around, I want to have an idea of what's happening. My goal is sometime before Christmas but we'll see how everything plays out because MLS teams have a lot going on with the expansion draft and all the other drafts.

MLS Transfers: An article written this week (by Dave Zeitlin*) said that Jim Curtin had a good idea that you wouldn't be back next year. Any comment on that?

Okugo: A lot of people are saying things about me but nothing's coming from me or from my agent, I don't know. I haven't gotten an offer so if they think I'm not going to come back, it's because of that. Again, you never really know what's going to happen.

MLS Transfers: Lee Nugyen. Oba Martins or Robbie Keane. Who are you taking for MVP?

Okugo: I'll give it to Obafemi. They (Seattle) won two trophy's already but I want to give it to Lee because I want an American MVP and he's helped turn around New England.

MLS Transfers: Last question, have you heard anything about a call up to the US National team camp in January or anything from Klinnsman?

Okugo: No, I've haven't anything. It'd be an honor to play with the national team if I ever get the opportunity so we'll just have to see what happens. But I am getting a Nigerian passport just to keep the options open.

*: Article can be found here:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Marcus Pedersen looking at MLS

Brann forward Marcus Pedersen is surveying his options outside of the club because they are currently in the relegation zone. 

Marcus was bought by Brann just this past August but the 24 year old will not be apart of the club if they drop.

His "people" have made it clear to MLS Transfers that he has options in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Austria but also has interest from Chicago and "New York".

Yallop has been silent on this particular player but has made two signings in the past two days from players who've played in Scandanavia.

Pedersen has played for 7 clubs since 2007 and has 7 caps for the Norwegian national team. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Euro suitors line up for BWP

New York Red Bull forward Bradley Wright Phillips is garnering some interest overseas after his MVP-like regular season, where he scored 27 goals tying the MLS single season record.

MLS Transfers reported on Deadline Day in August that Championship side Blackpool were interested. Since then, MLS Transfers can confirm there has been more interest in the player. 

A source has identified UEFA Champions league qualifier, Norwegian-based Stromsgodset IF as a potential suitor after a few scouts viewied a couple of his performances in September and October. 

MLS Transfers had also learned a club from Switzerland is monitoring BWP's performances, with a scout watching from Red Bull Arena this past Thursday, where Bradley scored two goals to secure a 2-1 win over Sporting Kansas City. 

More information to come.

UPDATE 11/20/14:

Sources overseas and in the states have informed MLS Transfers that BWP has no shortage of options come January.

As originally reported, English club Blackpool and Norwegian side Stromsgodset IF are still in the running.

A source has said Blackpool could be willing to give New York up to $150k if they can get BWP on loan until the Championship season ends in May, and an extra cash incentive bonus should they not be relegated. Blackpool currently sit dead last 17 games into the season.

Another source has said Stromsgodset IF could offer anywhere between $500-700k to get the MLS leading goal scorer.

MLS Transfers has also learned the Swiss club monitoring BWP has been FC Zurich. Currently in the UEFA Europa League, a source says they want to boost their attack for upcoming matches against Apollon Limassol and Borussia Monchengladbach.

It has also been suggested that a number of undisclosed English, Welsh and Scottish clubs have also been keeping close tabs on the English-born forward.

UPDATE 2 12/2/14: 

BWP expects to stay in New York, so says a club source of Zurich. 

Whether hearsay from his agent or the player itself, it's seems that BWP will be plying his trade in NYC next year.

Update from Zurich is that someone from the BWP camp has been denying any and all offers thus far, and that he is expecting to stay in New York.

There have been no updates from Stromsgodset IF, who have been scouting him since August. 

Blackpool source says the club is now focused on finding solutions for the long term. Blackpool had intentions of offering the Red Bulls a compensation package to get BWP on loan through the end of the Championship season. 

UPDATE 3 12/3/14

BWP has signed with New York Red Bulls as a DP. 

MLS Transfers reported yesterday that FC Zurich were told this information just 24 hours before he signed on with NY.

Blackpool and Stromsgodset IF were also strong contenders who were ready to put a bid in for the player.

Zurich were told that BWP was happy in NY and would only go back to Europe if he had a chance to play in the EPL again. 

Although there were suggestions that that was an opportunity, nothing came of it.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

German Denis interested in joining Crew

Argentine striker German Denis is interested in a move to Columbus Crew.

It is unclear of how or why at this moment, but MLS Transfers has learned of the 33 year olds interest through an overseas source.

Currently making 1.2 million euros after taxes, it would seem that Denis is looking for his last big pay day in MLS. 

His goal record could have Crew fans salivating as he has 57 goals in the past 130 Serie A matches and lead Atalanta in scoring since the 2011-2012 season. He was also rumored to be a last minute addition to Juventus just 2 months ago as they were looking to add striker depth. 

More details soon. 

EDIT: This transfer doesn't seem like it would happen until the end of the Serie A season, as German's contract is up in June 2015.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

24 under 24 transfers

Here's the latest on's 24 Under 24, transfer news edition:

1. DeAndre Yedlin - Transfered to Tottenham

2. Erick Torres - MLS seems to be buying him at the end of 2014 

3. Fabian Castillo - We broke the Club America interest yesterday as well as Monterrey and OC Nice interest. Winter bid for him will be on its way.

4. Gyasi Zardes - No suitors yet but a USMNT call up in the winter could help his cause.

5. Diego Fagundez - MLS Transfers found out last year Chilean powerhouse Colo Colo were in for the youngster but nothing materialized. We also got the scoop that a few Italian teams have eyes for the 19 year old but nothing official as if now.

6. Mauro Diaz - Young number 10 has it all, including Euro and Argentine suitors. All know his ability, all waiting for him to prove it in a long stretch (aka see if he can stay healthy) 

7. Joao Plata - Have heard nothing on Plata, but could change after his stellar season.

8. Luis Gil - Had 2nd division Spanish league interest but that passed. Need more minutes to show his potential.

9. Wil Trapp - He'll be staying in Columbus to develop more.

10. Bill Hamid - Still developing, will stay in DC.

11. Dillon Powers - One of those players everyone knows about in MLS but not much outside the league. A USMNT call could change that.

12. Kekuta Manneh - Supposedly had Arsenal intetest. Not much since news since last year. 

13. Ameobi Okugo - Under the radar player, has had some Bundesliga interest in the past few months but needs to become a more predominant force wherever he plays to get scouts even more excited. 

14. Andrew Farrell - Steady player who needs a USMNT call up to really force a transfer. Overseas scout says he needs a move to CB for Euro-clubs to take notice.

15. Matias Laba - Have not heard much. He's as solid a player as you'll find. He'll be playing in Europe in due time 

16. Kelyn Rowe - We'll break this here, German side Augsburg has intetest but wants to see his play become more consistent.

17. Harry Shipp - Slumping a little since the beginning of the season is normal for a rookie. French side Marseille has been interested and has recently been scouting in person.

18. Perry Kitchen - Interest overseas is picking up. Fouling needs to be controlled more for him to be at the next level.

19. Shane O'Neill - Still very much a prospect and has had the eye of Celtic and Danish club Br√łndby. See him with the Rapids to keep developing.

20. Deshorn Brown - Needs to finish consistently to grow to the next level. Not a ton of interest yet.

21. Olmes Garcia - Same as Deshorn Brown.

22. Gershon Koffie - Doesn't get enough credit from fans or scouts apparently. Not much interest brewing as of now

23. Tesho Akindele - A call up to the Canadian Nats will elevate his stock. See him staying in Dallas for a few more years.

24. Russell Teibert - He's impressed scouts but again, needs to show more consistent play on the field to go to the next level. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

OGC Nice have Dallas' Castillo on list of potential buys

French side OGC Nice have Fabian Castillo on their short list of players should French U-20 player Alexy Bosetti leave the club this winter. 

A source connected with French soccer has let MLS Transfers know that Bosetti is not expected to move in the winter but if a bid of $6 million comes in for the player, they would let him leave. They would use part of that money to spend on another young player and Castllio is on that list. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Euro Transfer Deadline Day - MLS players involved

Source: Benfica have given a call back to the league office to see their interest in a Michael Bradley loan. Source says a loan in August is not in the cards but if they're still interested in January, they will have to pay "premium loan fee" to have him for the winter period.

Jermaine Defoe to QPR? @Ewingsports on twitter says the firing of Toronto coach Ryan Nelsen could convince him to leave. 

(UPDATE 1): @KurtLarSUN: Bezbatchenko says TFC has received an offer for Defoe. "We're in talks ... We have a relationship with Jermain...No decision has been made."

(UPDATE 2): QPR have submitted a bid for Defoe while MLS Transfers has also learned that Hull City has presented an offer for the striker. It is unknown if it is for a full transfer or loan. More information to follow.

Here's John Molinaro reporting QPR have submitted a $11 million bid:

@JohnMolinaro: Source tells me QPR has offered #TFC 11 million $ for Defoe. Bez won't confirm which club has made offer.

(UPDATE 3) Jermaine Deofe to QPR seems to be almost done. Player is in Engalnd says @KristianJack.

(UPDATE 4) Getting the impression from multiple sources that QPR's offer may be too low. Issue will be revisited in the coming hours. In the meantime, TFC FO are trying to convince Defoe to stay with the club.

(UPDATE 5) Newcastle, West Ham and Sunderland all linked with Defoe now according to report: Still time left in the window.

(UPDATE 6) Source tells MLS Transfers that QPR interest has almost vanished overnight. No new bid submitted. It seems like they have bowed out of the race for Defoe.

(UPDATE 7) Could Leicester City make a shock move today for Omar Gonzalez? Source says should they let go of one of their CB's today, they could make a call to the MLS league office. Gonzalez is currently making $1.25 million and Leicester City's strict wage cut off is at $1.6 million. Would be hard to convince him to join a relegation threatened side but Leicester have made it clear he is in their top CB purchase list. 

(UPDATE 8) Information on Tim Cahill: Millwall is the team interested in him but don't have the funds to bring the player in. No move is expected this window.

(UPDATE 9) Bradley Wright Philips to England? Still a possibility says a source close to the situation in England. That club? Blackpool. Strapped with cash, they could make a last ditch effort for the Red Bulls forward and have made contact in the past two weeks with MLS/New York.

(UPDATE 10) Cahill to Italy? Source from overseas says Cahill has stated that a move to Italy could be in the cards. Stay tuned. 

(UPDATE 11) The latest on Defoe: Source says Defoe was never strongly considered for Arsenal and he will not be signing with them. Hull City and QPR offers were REJECTED. Neither club has come back with another offer an multiple sources believe QPR are out of the race all together. Sky Sports is reporting Leicester City may have snuck themselves in the race. Sunderland and Newcastle still haven't submitted an official bid. 

(UPDATE 12) Leicester City asking TFC if Defoe would be interested via Sky Sports.

(UPDATE 13) QPR's Harry Redknapp telling Sky Sports that Defoe is "still a possibility" 

(UPDATE 14) @KurtLarSUN: BREAKING: @TheTorontoSun can confirm that Jermain Defoe will remain at TFC after rejecting multiple bids.

@KurtLarSUN: Toronto FC had "one hell of an offer" from an EPL club, a well-place source told the Sun. But Defoe will return to BMO Field.

(UPDATE 15) Sky Sports reporting Defoe and QPR are not done! Borini has hit a stumbling block, and they're still in need for a striker. Tony Fernandes: "There's a will from both sides to do something.." Sounds like Toronto might not want to release him now but in January!

(UPDATE 16) Benfica look likely to call Toronto back in January for Bradley loan.

(UPDATE 17) More on Defoe staying with Toronto

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Omar has interest from Mexico and England

Sources overseas have confirmed to MLS Transfers that Omar Gonzalez has multiple clubs overseas interested in the World Cup player.

Leicester City have made some sort of contact with MLS on the availability of the player as has Mexican side Cruz Azul, who have been tracking the player for more than a year. 

What could be a hold up point  is Omar's salary. Sources say Leicester have made it a club policy to have all players on less than $1.6 million a season and from all indications, it seems that Omar won't leave LA for a relegation side unless he gets a big pay raise from his $1.25 million guaranteed in MLS.

This is where Cruz Azul can come into play although, they are not looking to pay the transfer fee set by MLS. Sources indicate that the fee is anywhere from $3.5-5 million.

Source: Gonzalez deal to Palermo not done yet

A report has surfaced that Columbus Crew's Giancarlo Gonzalez is on his way to Italy to take a physical for his new club, Palermo. 

A source, who has confided to MLS Transfers about Palermo's interest in Gonzalez throughout the summer says that this interest has been growing over the past few months but can not confirm if the defender is on his way to Italy.

Originally wanting Costa Rican attacker Bryan Ruiz, they set their sights on Gonzalez to help their current crop of CB's during their Serie A campaign. They made contact with MLS 7 weeks ago about interest in Gonzalez and have been silent since. Fulham interest and a bid have come and gone. Once the Fulham bid was denied and went public, Palermo had started pulling together funds for the player. 

More information to come. 

(UPDATE) Giancarlo Gonzalez has agreed to personal terms. Deal is expected to go through. 

(UPDATE 2) Marseille were another club late in the picture, made themselves interested in the past 48 hours as they are desperate for CB help. 

(UPDATE 3) Multiple reports saying Gonzalez will be sold for $5 million. Columbus paid $500,000 not long ago. Source says Palermo knew it needed to get the deal done in a short window and wanted to put in an offer in that "wouldn't have the chance to be disputed".

Marseille NEVER put in bid for player but had informed some close contacts to Giancarlo that they were interested. 

(UPDATE 4, 8/25/14) Source says Palermo will be paying MLS in 3 installments of $1.65 million over the next 6 months totaling the official transfer fee to 4.95 million, just shy of the $5 million reported. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Report: Tandir moves to Sacramento, USMNT has eyes on him

Ismar Tandir has completed his move from Sochuax to Sacramento Republic this week with one goal in mind, to get more minutes.

His move comes on the heels of Sacramento making their case for a MLS franchise during the All Star break. That allure alone has fueled higher caliber players to start taking the California club more serious. 

The former Red Bull academy player has most recently represented the Bosnian U-21 national team and an insider says has gotten a call from US Soccer Youth Technical Director and current full national team Assistant coach Tab Ramos about playing a role for the USA in the future.

In the meantime, watch this kid grow. He could be the next big thing in MLS.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marseille want in on North American talent

Sources have confirmed to MLS Transfers that French club Marseille are ready to cash in on the relatively low transfer value of North and Central American players, with scouts located in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Well before CONCACAF's incredible World Cup run, Marseille had a plan to start scouting in places not many of their Ligue 1 rivals were. Because ownership has pulled back spending, they are in the market for young, (and over time) high value players.

One of the players taking notice is 22 year old Harry Shipp. Shipp was scouted most recently in the All Star Homegrown Game on August 4th. There are more plans to see the youngster in action August 30th as the Fire take on FC Dallas. 

While no other names have been confirmed, expect more players throughout the top leagues in the America's to be evaluated in the coming months.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Exclusive: EPL defender Danny Gabbidon looking at making a move to MLS


"I love the Americans attitude to team sports and how the emphasis is always on the team and not one individual. This is something you don't always see in England and appeals a lot to me."

MLS Transfers had an opportunity to speak with highly rated Welsh defender Danny Gabbidon about his past, present, and future. He just wrapped up the Enlgish Premier League season with Crystal Palace where he played 23 games for the club that finished mid-table and was heavily involved in gaining points early in the season and even added a goal against Sunderland.

MLS Transfers: Talk a little about this past season with Crystal Palace. How do you think you faired and what were the manager thoughts about your performances?

Gabbidon: As a team, it was a great achievement for Crystal Palace last season staying in the Premier League and finishing high up in the table. I like to think that some of my performances helped to achieve that, I played the majority of the games last season and was happy with the form I showed. It was frustrating for me not to play much in the last third of the season getting dropped from the team after a run of four clean sheets from six games but this is football, I suppose the new manager had his own ideas. I think what the manager would say about me was that I still continued to show a good attitude and tried and helped and encouraged the team in anyway I could.

MLS Transfers: What leadership or responsibilities did you have on the team or with the Welsh national team?

Gabbidon: Crystal Palace have a lot of young players coming through and even a lot of the senior players there don't have much Premier League experience so I think a lot of the lads respected myself and saw me as someone who they could come to for advice or learn off. I had great relationships with a lot of the young players there and enjoyed helping them develop in the two years I was there. 

MLS Transfers: Why do you have an interest in playing in America now?

Gabbison: I've had an interest in playing in MLS now for a couple of years. I've enjoyed my time playing in England but I would love to experience something different. I still feel I have a lot to offer and can make a difference even more so in a league that is trying to develop and get better. This is important to me. First and foremost, I want to play. I'm not coming for a holiday! Secondly, I actually think that this league and the people here could teach me things. I love the Americans attitude to team sports and how the emphasis is always on the team and not one individual. This is something you don't always see in England and appeals a lot to me.

MLS Tranfsers: What experiences in the past can help you play and succeed in America?

Gabbidon: Well I think when I look back at my career there's not too much that I haven't experienced, highs and lows! I think being lucky enough to have played in the Premier League for a number of years against some of the best players in the world and also playing a lot of international football would certainly hold me in good stead coming to a competitive league like MLS.

MLS Transfers: In your most recent match, you played against the Netherlands who came in third place at the World Cup and fared very well against the likes of Arjen Robben and Robin Van Persie. What do you attribute that to?

Gabbidon: I think I'd have to put that performance down to experience. I think it certainly helped that I had played against these guys before so I knew what to expect to a certain level. It was made a little bit more difficult for me because I hadn't played a full ninety minutes since March so I knew I wasn't as match sharp as I would have liked but this also told me a lot about myself and the level I feel I can still play at.

MLS Transfers: What do you know about MLS and what have past teamates or colleagues told you about the league?

Gabbidon: From speaking to people who have played out there and also managers I know that it is a very competitive league which is getting stronger each year. The league seems very professional. The stadiums look great, the training facilities are of a high standard and the numbers coming to watch the games are growing each year. I bumped into Thierry Henry a couple of years ago and was lucky enough to have a long chat with him about MLS. He gave me some good insight into the league and since then, it's certainly been in my mind as somewhere I'd like to come and play my football.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ronald Vargas to MLS?


Here's the latest report on Ronald Vargas from various sources within MLS and overseas.

The original Ronald Vargas report of his interest in MLS came from Pok-a-tok, a Venezuelan radio show. They suspected interest in the Union but have since changed that stance and insist it's actually the Colorado Rapids who are potential buyers.

Can't find anyone who can confirm or deny these reports but interesting news has come up from our friend, Daniel Prat who writes for Gerente Deportivo in Venezuela. He says that MLS is just an option for Vargas and a deal with the league is no where close to being done. Vargas' agent is working towards a possible deal with MLS because he enjoys America and has family is America which was brought up by MLS Transfers here in January.

Vargas has been in the United States for a few weeks now and has visited Las Vegas and Miami on vacation.

Another source has told MLS Transfers that undisclosed Brazlian and Dutch teams are inquiring as well.

There has been no word on who owns his rights in MLS, whether that be New York or any other team.

Click here, hereand here to see the full reports on Ronald Vargas when he was linked with the Red Bulls this past winter.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rumors and Reports 6/9/14

Here's the latest run down of rumors and reports as MLS comes to a standstill over the next few weeks.

-MLS target Juan Agudelo is expected to sign with Hannover 96 as soon as this week. Reported first by MLS Transfers, a source says negotiations have been going smoothly and are expected to get done.

- Former Chelsea star Joe Cole is looking for a new club after he was let go by West Ham. His agent has offered him to numerous MLS sides and Orlando City might step up to the plate. We'll see what happens over the next few weeks.

- Frank Lampard to NYCFC looks like a done deal but French side Lille seemed like they were extremely interested as they held talks with his agent a week before the English national team left for Miami.

- Drogba is now club-less and despite reports of him going to Chelsea for a farewell tour, an MLS side is still interested. Not sure what next steps are being taken though as we've heard he hasn't had any contact with any MLS official in over 6 months.

- San Jose Earthquakes new stadium will be ready for 2015 and like we've been hearing for over a year now, they want to make a big signing to go along with it. Some names being thrown around? Mexico's Andres Guardado (though seems highly unlikely) and Columbia's Abel Aguilar (also unlikely).

-DeMarcus Beasley is almost guaranteed to join an MLS side as soon as the US National Team leaves Brazil this summer. Chicago Fire are in line for his services while NYCFC were interested some weeks back. That interest has since cooled though a source has said.

-Seems likely Julio Cesar is leaving Toronto after the World Cup. The likes of Porto, Flamengo and home club QPR are all set to want him (or want him back in QPR's case).

-French forward Djibril Cisse wants an MLS contract says a source overseas. Haven't heard anything on that front but be on the lookout for that.

- Orlando City President Phil Rawlins admitted to MLS Transfers that they have talked with both Kaka and Robinho. We're starting to think that Robinho is now first choice in Orlando.

- Philadelphia Union have been in search of a reliable goalscorer for some time now. Italy, England, Holland and more have been looked at over the past 8 or so months. No names have come up but I have a feeling that will be changing soon.

- World Cup players (besides the one's already named) some MLS clubs are looking at:

- Defender, Nic Lombaerts (Belgium)
- Midfielder, Jean Makoun (Cameroon)
- Midfielder, Jean Beausejour (Chile)
- Midfielder, Diego Calvo (Costa Rica)
- Midfielder, Christian Bolanos (Costa Rica)
- Defender, Walter Ayovi (Ecuador)
- Forward, Dirk Kuyt (Holland)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Interview: Orlando City president talks stadium, Kaka, Robinho and Brek


Today I had the chance to talk with Orlando City Owner and President, Phil Rawlins about a multitude of topics, including our favorite: transfers. 

Rawlins on the stadium renderings that came out this week and the official announcement next week:  "I think what they can expect is one of the best downtown stadiums in the league. It's a great facility, it's a great location. We're two or three blocks from the bars and everything else in downtown Orlando and we've spent a lot of time studying a lot of stadiums. Not only around MLS but around Europe and we're trying to incorporate the very best of what we like into those stadiums so it's pretty cool."

Rawlins on Brek Shea: "It's really been a favor to Stoke City. Brek wanted to train somewhere and was here in the states for a couple of weeks and obviously because of our connection to Stoke we were able to offer him (a place to train). He's been here the last couple of weeks and I think he's headed out today or tomorrow to go back to Dallas. He's totally enjoyed his time here and good for him and good for the lads to be around that kind of quality player."

Rawlins on bringing Brek back to Orlando permanently: "No, there's nothing right now, just was simply an opportunity for him to train and we were excited for him to be here, and that's really it was all about."

Rawlins on updates of possible Brazilians coming to Orlando: "We continue to talk with them (Brazilian players) about the possibilities. We've said our business plan is to bring very, very top level, best of the best Brazilian player here and that's all we're committed to doing. We've had talks with several players among them, Kaka and Robinho, and we'd be delighted to bring someone of that caliber. That's our goal. We hope to get someone in that arena in the next few months."

Rawlins on other specific Brazilian players tempted to Orlando: "We've spoken to a number of them but that's confidential. We're going to try and bring someone in the caliber of Kaka because that's what we promised we would do and that's something we're committed to doing."

Rawlins on the announcement of their first DP: "I'm delighted to see David (Villa) in the league and it's a great signing for New York. They have their time scale, we have our time scale that we set but it's the time scale that suits the player, agent and everybody else to get into negotiations so we haven't set a firm time. We're working towards it diligently and we'll get there I'm sure, in the not too distant future."

Rawlins on the possible number of DP slots to be filled up in 2015: "We don't right now know. What we're really focused on is building the right team balance. It's about quality and the right balance for the way that we play. We're very committed to our style of play and we're not going to change that. New players will have to fit into that system and style of play before anything else."

Rawlins on Orlando City style of play for 2015: "We have our style of play since day one, we've won two championships in the last 3 years. It's very exciting, very dynamic style of play. We play a 4-2-3-1, it's no secret, we make very exciting, entertaining football, a very short passing game, we move the ball quickly, we seek to get our fullbacks forward as much as we can and it's created for exciting soccer."

-Marc Kusant (@TheRedestBull)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MLS Transfers and form partnership, contest to benefit soccer playing children

MLS Transfers and have teamed up to work together this summer towards a brighter future for soccer playing children all over the world. Before we get into the contest, we had a moment to talk to Andrew Carten, the Social Media and Communications Assistant to get a better understanding of the non-profit organization.

MLS Transfers: How did get started?

Andrew: officially started 8 years ago in 2006, but the idea to create it was born in 2005 when co-founder and CEO, Drew Chafetz, visited Morocco and saw kids playing soccer in an unsafe area. A line was crossed in his minds as kids were risking their safety to simply play the game they loved. A light bulb went off in his mind to create to provide safe places to play for kids around the world.

MLS Transfers: What is the motivation for helping out these children in underprivileged areas of the world?

Andrew: The motivation to help children comes from our belief that all kids have a right to play in a safe environment. What most Americans take for granted is a safe space to run around and play. This is not a given in many parts of the world. Many children rish their well-bing and sometimes their lives to play. This injustice motivates the LF team to mobilize communities to plan, build, and maintain soccer spaces for their kids.

MLS Transfers: What are your goals for the rest of 2014?

Andrew: The goals for the rest of 2014 are to increase the viability of, raise funds for future LF projects in Brazil with an eye on the USA and Americas, work to transform our fields into spaces for social entrepreneurship, and secure future partnerships within the private and public sector.

MLS Transfers: Who are some of the soccer stars participating i your campaign and why did they decide to help out?

Andrew: Anderson Hernanes, star midfielder for Inter Milan and the Brazilian National Team, is the lead ambassador of the #lovefutbol campaign. He is a socially conscious soccer player who wants to give back to his country and kids around the world eager to play the game they love. Hernanes is joined by captains, Graham Zusi, Clarence Goodson, David Luiz, Fredy Guarin, and Yuto Nagatomo. Hernanes personally reached out to Luiz, Guarin, and Yuto and talked about the mission of LF and they all agreed to spread the message. Zusi and Goodson were contacted and immediately expressed an interest in joining a soccer specific non-profit with a focus on community engagement.

MLS Transfers:  Where can people go to donate and support the cause?

Andrew: To win a trip to the World Cup and do socially good, visit to donate as little as $10 and automatically enter the sweepstakes. Autographed posters, cleats, jerseys, and the official t-shirts are also up for grabs. Campaign officially ends this Wednesday, June 4th!

As Andrew said, you have a chance to go to the World Cup by donating on the website. In addition to that contest, we at MLS Transfers were fortunate enough to get two t-shirts to give away. To enter the contest, all you have to do is:

1. Follow @MLSTransfers on twitter
2. Follow @lovefutbol on twitter
3. Send a tweet explaining why you want the shirt, and use the hashtag lovefutbol (#lovefutbol)

Winners will be chosen by the end of the official campaign on Wednesday, June 4th.

Image of the t-shirt below:


To find out more information on this great soccer non-profit, visit

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adidas may be promoting Del Piero transfer to MLS (UPDATES)


A ton of news came out today regarding that Italian legend Alessandro Del Piero was considering coming to MLS but nothing more concrete than Nicolo Schira, a writer for Panorama and commentator for several television stations.

Nicolo has told MLS Transfers exclusively that Del Piero is gaining interest from Japan, China and MLS, specifically DC United and that Adidas might be helping to pull the strings.

Adidas is a main sponsor of Del Piero and is also a headlining sponsor of MLS, with all 19 clubs wearing Adidas kits. They apparently are having a big say in why the 39 year old should be heading to America.

More information to come.

Update 4/27/14: Nicolo Schira has told MLS Transfers that sometime this upcoming week a decision will be made by Del Piero. That situation is the same as it was late last week. The former Italian international has options in Japan, China and MLS, supposedly the club being DC United. Look out for more information in the coming days in this space.

Update 5/2/14: After reports from both Nicolo Schira and David Amoyal (Twitter: @DavidAmoyal) saying that Del Piero is in preliminary talks with LA Galaxy, MLS Transfers can confirm talks between Del Piero, MLS and Adidas have started. Del Piero landed in LA yesterday and had lunch in Santa Monica. Today, a source confirmed a Major League Soccer representative went out to California to meet with Del Piero and two senior level Adidas directors to talk about a possible deal to bring the 39 year old to the league. It is unknown what team, how long, or when he will be signing. More details to come.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MLS, Darren Bent in talks?

Bent at the "Rocky Stairs" in Philadelphia

A source familiar with Darren Bent has said that Bent's agent and MLS have begun preliminary talks to bring the 30 year old English striker to MLS.

The source says talks started this week, after parent club Aston Villa had a meeting with Bent to let him know he wouldn't be in their plans next year. The club he's on loan with, Fulham, have also indicated that if Bent wanted back, he would need to restructure his deal, most likely at a pay cut as Bent's play, lack of playing time, and the club looking at relegation all would factor in to a new deal.

After a mind-blowing 09-10 campaign with Sunderland in which Bent scored 24 Premier League goals, he was transferred to Aston Villa in 2011 for a record $33 million. Bent's formed has significantly dropped since then, in which he has accumulated 24 league goals over the past 4 seasons.

As recent as 2012, Bent was optimistic about MLS.  "The MLS is improving all the time," Bent said in this interview with the Philadelphia Union website. "The standards keep on going up. I have been impressed with the MLS; it's definitely getting better and better."

Transfermrkt has Bent's transfer value at about $6.9 million. 

More information is bound to swarm in, so we'll be exclusively posting on this post.

Update 4/24/14: Same source says Crystal Palace may be putting in a bid for Bent for around $5.5 million come the start of the summer transfer window. No updates of MLS and Bent since the original report.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

McInerney to Hacworth - "Big mistake", Jack clears up big money talks


Jack McInerney may be the most honest player in the league. Here is an interview done this past weekend with the new Montreal froward.

MLS Transfers: Hey Jack, I know you've done a few interviews since the trade but the real question is this, did you see yourself growing under Hackworth's system?

McInerney: I definitely think I was getting better there with the coaches and players present, but at the end of the day I wasn't gonna be the best I canunder the system they were trying to establish.

MLS Transfers: A lot of talk about learning from Di Vaio which may be true but how will that effect your playing time this year?

McInerney: A question I'm still asking myself. right now I just have to assume they wanted me for a reason and that it's an immediate impact. No pun intended. (laughs)

MLS Transfers: Again, you were asked about Europe in recent interviews, what would happen if you didn't get the playing time you wanted in Montreal? Would Europe be an option or a move to another (MLS) team?

McInerney: Obviously I wouldn't be very happy. Either way if I don;t start right away or am in and out of the lineup, I understand it is a long season. I also can't expect play if I am not performing. If something comes along later or if the club wants to move me, I am open to it. But right now, I am happy here in Montreal.

MLS Transfers: I know you haven't been in Montreal long but what is different about it than Philly so far? Besides the French language...

McInerney: I think the city appreciates the team. there are only two pro sports teams here so when you turn on the TV, it's either hockey or the Impact. I tweeted out a pic in the last couple of days of me talking to press, that sums it up. Not that Philly doesn't love their team, but if you were to walk around, people would recognize and respect what you do.

MLS Transfers: If there was one last thing you could say to Hackworth, what would it be?

McInerney: Big mistake.

McInerney: I also want to clear one more thing...

MLS Transfers: Go ahead...

McInerney: Now that Montreal has announced I have one more year on my contract, the reason I said I would only redo a deal with Philly at the beginning of the year for big money is because that's what made sense. With another year there was no point of signing because what if I had a big year?Then I would be stuck with what I had when I could go bigger. they had to make it worth it to me, and that's why I said big money. Not that I thought I deserved big money though, obviously I would like it. (laughs)

MLS Transfers: Any last words to the Philly fans?

McInerney: I would just say I appreciate everything they did and I am excited to come back.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A quick moment with New York's new defender, Armando


We had a chance to talk to New York Red Bulls defender Armando for a brief moment last week.

MLS Transfers: Who contacted you about joining Red Bulls?

Armando: The club contacted directly my agent, Gonzalo Gaitan from You First Sports, and he deferred to me the terms of the offer. We studied it together and we decided to take it and signing with the New York Red Bulls.

MLS Transfers: Why did you decide to play in New York?

Armando: I had very good references of the MLS through teammates and other players that knew about it and had had previous experiences in the league. They told me the league is growing and the competition is getting better, and obviously the appeal of New York was big.

MLS Transfers: What other options did you turn down to play in MLS?

Armando: Now that I am a New York Red Bulls player I would (not) prefer to comment on other possible offers I might have had.

MLS Transfers: Playing with Barcelona B for a few years, what did your experiences at the club teach you?

Armando: My experiences at Barcelona B helped me improve and grow as a player and person and it was a very important part of my career and life.

MLS Transfers: Playing with (Thierry) Henry and (Tim) Cahill, how's that been so far? Also, who do you think the next big player to join the Red Bulls will be?

Armando: Playing alongside players of worldwide recognition is an honor for me and I (can't) stop learning from them everyday. (Armando did not answer the second part of the question.)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tyler Ruthven looking for MLS comeback


Tyler Ruthven has played for clubs in Sweeden and Finland in the past few years, but wantts back in MLS. With club names ranging from IK Brage and Kuopion Palloseura can you blame him?

The 25 year old from Georgia played for MLS side New York Red Bulls as recently as 2012, even going the distance in a 1-0 victory against eventual champions LA Galaxy. So why hasn't he landed a gig with another club stateside?

That question isn't so straightforward. Tyler was getting time with Kuopin Palloseura, even playing in a Cup final for a Europa League place, but MLS was still in the back of his mind, something he wanted to come back too.

"(The) season ended and I turned down an extension (with Kuopin) because I was dead set on returning to MLS...little did I know there would be 11 first round centerbacks." said the 6 foot 2 inch tall defender.

"I didn't enjoy Finland, there wasn't the same level of professionalism. I felt like I could play at the MLS level and I wanted to do anything to get back."

"Sure,I could play in a second tier league in Scandanavia until I'm 30 but I don't want to do that, I want to push myself to the highest level possible. I feel like I showed I could play in MLS and have unfinished business there."

Although coming close to signing with an agency, no deals came about. Hans Backe, former New York coach. has praised his work in Sweeden and Finland and continues to be a positive figure for Tyler.

"Hans has been helpful in Sweden. He always speaks highly of me."

When asked about former assistant coach, now head honcho of the Red Bulls Mike Petke, Tyler didn't shy away.

"Petke is focused on his job at hand, not sure if anybody has contacted him about me. Not sure what he would say. That being said, I owe him a great deal...he gave me my shot in MLS."

With most MLS rosters not fully set yet, Tyler could become the next unsung hero of any clubs backline. As for now, Tyler's training with the Atlanta Silverbacks of the NASL , working hard trying to get his next MLS contract.

Change of heart - Fred signs with the Union

In what is a 360 turn (that's 2 turns) from where Fred seemed only days ago, Fred will be signing with the Philadelphia Union after all. More details including length of contract and salary to follow soon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bye Bye Fred - Striker not joining MLS, Union

A source close to the situation in Philadelphia has told MLS Transfers that Fred, who has been on trial with the Union for some months now, will not be joining MLS.

The offer that came in from MLS was a "low ball offer" and something that Fred was never going to take. Not only that, but Fred would have to go through a wavier draft just to end up with the Union. This was not something Fred wanted to do.

Fred has an offer on the table from a lower division club in the United States, (rumors are Minnesota but not confirmed just yet) and a trial at another club.

We reached out to Fred but have not gotten a comment regarding the situation yet. Stayed tuned, as much more information will be found out soon.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Rumor updates in MLS

We'll keep this quick. Here's an update on some items:

New York Red Bulls

@TheRedestBull (twitter) had a talk with defender Kosuke Kimura about a wide variety of topics. Kosuke went back to Japan for a month an then started training again, getting ready for preseason. Kosuke also said he expects a rotating system of defenders that now includes Richard Eckersley from Toronto. Speaking of the possibility of a new DP entering the team, "I have heard some rumors, but nothing (concrete) so far."

MLS Transfers has learned that the Red Bulls have already began searching for Henry's successor. Multiple sources have said that talks with Drogba have happened in the past couple of months as well as a preliminary talk to Valencia striker Jonas to gauge his interest in joining the squad. 

Philadelphia Union

Seems like Fred, training with the Union, is close to getting a contract back with the team. More information to come.

No news has come this way about a certain defender. Not buying that rumor just yet...

Laba update

Matias Laba, currently a DP for Toronto FC, is moving by March 1.

Interest from the Crew was shot down today but more MLS teams are interested including Houston and Chivas USA. Another option is Mexican club Toluca but Toronto wants him to learn the league more. Because of that, a loan to an English Championship team was denying some weeks ago.

More information within the next 24-48 hours is expected.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Details from Sochaux on Nogueira deal

A very reliable source in Sochaux has let MLS Transfers know some details of the Nogueira deal.

-The Union approached Sochaux some weeks ago about a transfer for Nogueira.
-Sochaux originally wanted somewhere around $2 million for him and the Union "immediately laughed at this".
-After some weeks of back and forth banter, a $200k price was put on Nogueira in which the Union agreed to pay.
-The Union will owe Sochaux an extra $150k if they get relegated from Ligue 1 at the end of May 2014 AND will have the first rights back to Nogueira if they get promoted to Ligue 1 and the player wants to go back to France.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ronald Vargas Rep: Anderlecht future isn't bright, Red Bulls still in sight

Based off of various reports, it seems the Red Bulls are not interested in Ronald Vargas due to monetary and tactical reasons. This may be true at the moment but who knows what the Red Bulls will need come the summer transfer window. MLS Transfers reached out to Ronald Vargas' Public Relations representative (with the the help from a few South American journalists) who told us the most recent updates for their client:

- Ronald had a sit down meeting with Anderlecht twice within the past week to discuss the next 6 months
- Ronald is contracted to Anderlecht until June, which he plans to fulfill 
- After his contract runs down, he will have another meeting with Anderlecht staff to discuss future with club
- Ronald has had formal offers from Switzerland and Brazil only (No mention of club names) within the past two weeks
- Ronald is interested in all options that become available to him after June 

And most importantly to Red Bull fans...

- Ronald's European based representatives are in midst of planning a meeting with Red Bulls Soccer Director, Gerard Houllier
- Ronald is still interested in North, Central and South American options

Don't close the book just yet. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Vargas Update: Red Bulls declines 3 million euro offer, more new information


We recently spoke with Daniel Prat, writer for The National in Venezuela, and he has told MLS Transfers a few updates on Ronald Vargas to New York.

First thing, New York has had contact with Anderlecht this week about Vargas. It seems that both parties are interested in the deal.

Daniel reported that Anderlecht wanted 3 million euros for Vargas but New York swiftly declined that offer. Negotiations are ongoing and more news is expected sometime tomorrow.

Daniel also tells us that Vargas' sister does not live in New Jersey, but his father-in-law has a house in New Jersey that they visited "three of four times" over the last year. Family is still very important to him and has a factor in where he wants to play.

Keep checking into this space as we will have updates fast and furious over the next few days.

(UPDATE) 1/22/14 2:31 pm

 @Sporting_AND (twitter), has told MLS Transfers that Vargas is making 900,000 euros at Anderlecht, equivalent to $1.21 million dollars.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Interview: Undrafted but ready for the next challenge: Enrique Cardenas


Enrique Cardenas didn't get drafted. Some have described him as one of the top midfielders in this years draft yet, no one took a chance on the diminutive attacker.

Ives from Soccer By Ives rated Cardenas as his 62nd best player in this years draft and Top Drawer had him as the 30th best player.

We had a moment to talk to Enrique, just a few hours after the second part of the draft ended.

MLS Transfers: You were described as being one of the best attacking midfielders in the draft. Why do you think you weren't drafted?

Cardenas: I didn't have the best showing in the combine. It's difficult to play in combines for many reasons but more importantly because the midfield gets bypassed so often.  Lots of long balls which is suitable for defenders and forwards, so it's difficult for technical players who like to play with the ball on the ground.

MLS Transfers: What are your raw emotions right now?

Cardenas: Disappointed. I know given an opportunity I would be successful because I wouldn't settle for anything but that. They measured my height, weight, fitness, but they didn't measure what matters most, my heart, and even more relevant, my soccer IQ and technical ability. But I'm completely okay with that because I don't want to play for a team or league that doesn't value those things. More importantly though, I have complete faith in God's plan. I know everything will work out. I look forward to proving everyone wrong.

MLS Transfers: I know you said you may have some opportunities overseas. Care to explain?

Cardenas: (My) agent is currently in talks with teams from Sweden, Finland and Germany. Sweden looks like a great opportunity. More suitable playing style for me.

MLS Transfers: Any MLS teams contact you after the draft?

Cardenas: Agent is currently handling that. Portland has invited me into training camp from his reports. Working on some other clubs but we'll see what comes about and weigh (the) options.

SuperDraft Rounds 3 and 4- LIVE

Third Round

39. Portland- George Fochive, Midfielder
40. Chivas USA- Kris Tyrpak
41. Kansas City- Peter Schmetz
42. Columbus- Fifi Baiden
43. Dallas- Nicholas Walker
44. Philly- Richard Marquez
45. Columbus- Adam James Bedell
46. Philly- Alex Sweetin
47. San Jose- AJ Corrado
48. Montreal- Pete Caringi
49. Colorado- Tolani Ibikunle
50. New England- Pierre Omanga
51. Vancouver-Michael Kafari
52. Philly-Aodhan Quinn
53. Salt Lake- Joey Dillon
54. Houston- Michael Lisch
55. Seattle-Stefano Rijssell
56. DC United- Zachery Barnes
57. Kansas City- Alex Martinez

Fourth Round

58. Vancouver-Mackenzie Pridham
59. Chivas USA- Michael Nwiloh
60. Toronto- Kene Eze
61. Chicago-Zack Bolden
62. Dallas-Ronny Santos Mendoza
63. Philly-Luca Gimenez
64. Vancouver-Michael Calderon
65. Chicago-Kadeem Dacres
66. San Jose-Devante Dubose
67. Montreal-Jordan Ongaro
68. Colorado-Albert Edwards
69. DC United-Travis Golden
70. Salt Lake-Daniel Jackson
71. Portland- Victor Chavez
72. LA- Pass
73. Portland- Nikita Kotlov
74. San Jose- Billy Knutsen
75. Chicago- Bryan Ciesiulka
76. Kansas City- Reinaldo Brenes
77. Seatlle- Fabio Pereira

Monday, January 20, 2014

Rumor: Hallfredsson and de Zeeuw linked with MLS moves


The transfer season is in full throttle and the rumors are coming fast and furious.

Hellas Verona center midfielder Emil Hallfredsson is gaining interest from an MLS team, says a source connected to Verona.

Hallfredson is a 29 year old Iceland international who has been staring for the Serie A side Hellas Verona. Know for his defensive prowess and his big frame (6"1'), the sources says an MLS team has watched him in person over the few weeks.

David Amoyal, a writer and translator for, one of the most trustworthy Italian sources says Hallfresson may be hard to sign.

"Hallfredsson said in late December,  "I sincerely hope to continue at Verona, I have an expiring contract so let's see what happens."

File:Demy de Zeeuw 2011.jpg

In other possible transfer news, Anderlecht midfielder and Netherlands national team midfielder Demy de Zeeuw is being pursued by MLS as well.

This may short lived as he is on loan from Spartak Moscow and Anderlecht manager John Van den Brom has said that Demy can't leave the club in January. A summer move (after the World Cup) may make more sense.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Interview: Draftee Eric Stevenson opens up about playing in New York


Most have said this draft has been a down year and not much has been expected of this class outside the top 10 players taken. That's why Eric Stevenson is trying to break the mold. Selected 34th by the New York Red Bulls, Stevenson is ready to embrace the challenge that's in front of him.

"I was beyond excited (to get the call from New York)," said the 22 year old "I watched the team play a decent amount last season and I love Red Bull's style of play. I couldn't think of a better fit for me."

"(Petke) just said he was excited to have me on board and made sure I felt very welcomed. He made sure I was sorted with all the details and everything I needed to know for the upcoming season."

Stevenson's career at Akron had been highlighted by winning a national championship in 2010 and slowly started becoming more ingrained with the team over the years. By his senior year, Stevenson had seen many of his former teammates turn professional. 

"A lot of the past teammates of mine from Akron had gone on to the pros so over the years I have watched a lot of (MLS) games." 

"I was part of the (Columbus) Crew academy and then I played with the Seattle Sounders PDL team, so I have had the chance to be around pro players and MLS organizations."

Delving into the fanatical side of his soccer life, Stevenson is a long time Barcelona and Arsenal fan.  

"I have been an Arsenal and Barca fan for forever, so getting the chance to actually play with (Thierry) Henry is going to be an absolute honor."

"I never imagined growing up that I would play with Henry so it's still crazy for me to think about, I can't wait!"

Although a talented, and hard working player, Stevenson knows he still has some work to do to become a weapon in New York.

"I would say growing my knowledge of the game and adjusting to the pace of MLS would be the biggest things. Also, it will be important for me to absorb as much about the game as I can from the veteran players like Henry."

All that being said, it seems like the 5' 8" man from Ohio is ready to embrace New York and the challenges that lie ahead.

"I heard New York Red Bulls have the best fans in the country so I look forward to getting the chance to play in front of them the most."

-Marc Kusant (@TheRedestBull)

MLS SuperDraft Selections

First Round

1. Philly- Andre Blake, Goalkeeper
2. DC- Steve Birnbaum, Defender
3. Vancouver- Christian Dean, Defender
4. New England- Steve Neumann, Midfielder
5. Montreal- Eric Miller, Defender
6. FC Dallas- Tesho Akindele, Foeward
7. Vancouver- Andre Lewis, Midfielder
8. Seattle- Damion Lowe, Defender
9. San Jose- JJ Koval- Stanford
10. Toronto FC- Nick Hagglund, Defender
11. New England- Patrick Mullins, Forward
12. Colorado- Marlon Hairston, Midfielder
13. Chicago- Marco Franco, Defender
14. Columbus- Ben Sweat, Defender
15. Philly- Pedro Ribeiro, Midfielder
16. Houston- AJ Cochran, Defender
17. Portland- Ntokozo Tshuma, Forward
18. Real Salt Lake- Ryan Neil, Midfielder
19. Colorado- Grant Van De Casteele, Defender

Second Round

20. Chivas USA- Thomas McNamara, Midfielder
21. Seattle- Jimmy Ockford, Defender
22. New York- Chris Duvall, Defender
23. Los Angeles- Kyle Venter, Defender
24. Toronto FC- Daniel Lovitz, Midfielder
25. Philly- Kevin Cope, Defender
26. Portland- Taylor Peay, Defender
27. Philly- Robbie Derschang, Defender
28. San Jose- Joe Sofia, Defender
29. DC United- Victor Munoz, Midfielder
30. Vancouver- Mamadou Diouf, Forward
31. New England- Alec Sundly, Midfielder
32. Houston- Mark Sherrod, Forward
33. Colorado- Jared Watts, Midfielder
34. New York- Eric Stevenson, Midfielder
35. Colorado- John Berner, Goalkeeper
36. Portland- Aaron Long, Midfielder
37. Montreal- George Malki, Midfielder
38. Kansas City- Adnan Gabeljic, Forward

Third Round is on 1/21/13

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Source: Red Bulls after Anderlecht playmaker


A source with connections to Anderlecht has told MLS Transfers that the New York Red Bulls are looking into acquiring attacking midfielder Ronald Vargas.

His 2010-2011 season was a breakout for him. After he scored 15 goals in the league for Club Brugge, he made a 2.5 million euro move to Belgian giants Anderlecht. The Venezuelan international, 27, has been with Anderlecht since 2011 but has only appeared in 23 total games due to various injuries.

He also featured for Caracas FC, his boyhood club.

He is valued at 1.5 million euros.

More information as this story develops.

(Edit): Here's a video from 2011

(UPDATE): According to @Sporting_AND, a loan move could be set in place for Vargas should Anderlecht sign Thorgan Hazard from Chelsea.  The source also says that Red Bulls, FC Basel, and 2 other Brazilian clubs are interested in him, but Vargas would prefer a move to New York over all of them.

(UPDATE): A source says Zulte Waregem will want compensation for Hazard going to Anderlecht and may want Vargas in the process. He still has made it clear that New York is his first choice.

(UPDATE): 1/16/14 New York coach Mike Petke said during a conference call to reporters on January 16, that Vargas has come across his desk but worries how to player will fit into the system, and under the salary cap circumstances.

(UPDATE): 1/21/14 Thanks to @DanCovello and @Sporting_AND for the news that Varags is meeting with his agent in the next couple of days to discuss his options. Among those are New York Red Bulls, clubs in Turkey, Brazil, Qatar, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain. Link to that information is here.

More information has surfaced from a source that says, Spanish side Numanica, Portuguese side Rio Ave FC are in the running, but still, Vargas wants a move to New York over everything. It is unknown if he likes the league or the city itself, but the source is very adamant that the Red Bulls is the destination he wants.

Much has been talked about a loan or a permanent move for Vargas. Multiple newspapers have said a loan is an option but the source says a loan for until June is more likely than an outright buy, just to make sure the buying club is willing to keep Varags in the long run. Anderlecht will most likely have a "buy option" at the end of the loan deal.

Second Update today: @DanielPrat, a Venezuelan writer says that Vargas' sister lives in New Jersey, which is possibly influencing his decision to come to New York Red Bulls. He also says that the stumbling block could be the transfer fee. Anderlecht are asking for 3 million euros.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Union and Sochaux in crazy cycle

In what seems like a fantasy land, the Union and French club are linked to each other like no other right now. What MLS Transfers has found out:

The Union are interested in acquiring Sochaux midfielder Vincent Nogueira.

Sochuax are looking into the possibility of  adding Maurice Edu to their squad to fight off relegation.

The Union are interested in Edu as well.

Oh, how the webs weave.

Source: Edu has American suitor and Euro options


Ives Galarcep reported earlier today that US National team midfielder Maurice Edu could be heading to the Union. While that still may be the case, a source has told MLS Transfers that Edu also has interest in Turkey. 

The source says he is not able to confirm what team but implied that it could be former employer Bursaspor, as Edu impressed in his short loan at the club in 2013. It seems to the source that Edu is willing to go back to MLS but is looking out for his best interests, in terms of monetary incentives. Edu may be more concerned about financials than starting and getting minutes for a club at this point in his career.

Edu is currently making $1.38 million at Stoke City. (via Google)

More information to come as the story develops. 

Source: Agudelo signs with Stoke City


A source with close contact to Juan Agudelo has told MLS Transfers that the 21 year old has signed for Stoke City.

The source believes the length of the contract is until May 2018 and that a loan deal until June is being set up currently. Clubs that have inquired for the loan include Anderlecht, Dundee United, FC Twente and two others.

The announcement from Stoke City should be happening within the next 24-48 hours.

More information as this story develops.

(Edit): Belgium side Standard Liege are also interested in a 6 month loan deal.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Benedict Bradley?


It's been known for about a week now that Michael Bradley will be suiting up for Toronto FC this coming season. After this morning's unveiling of himself and Jermain Defoe, Toronto's dream of fielding a team capable of competing for the Supporters' Shield has finally come true. However, whether they will actually compete for the shield or not, is another story. Toronto sports fans are quite familiar with high expectations followed by disappointment as the city's Major League Baseball team, the Blue Jays, had an abysmal season after being dubbed a World Series favorite by many. Toronto FC hope that their recent signees can learn to gel with one another in a way that Blue Jays players could not.

With that being said, what does the signing of Michael Bradley mean for USMNT fans? Sure, Bradley is leaving one of the better leagues in the world (Serie A) for the MLS, a league that still has some kinks to work out and whose competition is not nearly as skilled as Serie A. But the real issue isn't the league that Bradley chose, but the team that he decided to sign with. Bradley, who is certainly in line for the USMNT captaincy, chose to play for a Canadian team. One would think that if Bradley was going to transfer to an MLS team, it would at least be an American one. Think of it like this: Bradley going to Toronto at 26 years of age is like an English superstar like Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard playing at Swansea City or Cardiff City (both located in Wales, not England) in their prime instead of Chelsea and Liverpool, respectively. It just shouldn't happen! If a player of such importance to his national team is going to head to a less competitive league, he should at least be playing his home games in front his home country's fans (no offense, Canada.)

Is Bradley a traitor for choosing to play for a Canadian team? I'll let you be the judge. Let us know in the comments below.

- Jake Vasquez (@JakeVasquez49)

Source: Union and Nogueira agree to terms

Following up on a report from Philly Soccer Page, MLS Transfers has learned that Sochaux midfielder Vincent Nogueira and the Union have come to an agreement on salary.

A source in France has told MLS Transfers that the deal between Philly and Nogueira is done but the two clubs now need to decide on a transfer fee if Vincent is to come in the next few weeks.

More details soon.

Source: Laba wants to stay in Toronto


Matias Laba wants to stay in Toronto.

That's what a source with connections to the Toronto FO is saying to MLS Transfers.

"Laba has always wanted to stay in Toronto. He has never asked to leave and doesn't plan on doing that either. He is committed as ever to helping the team for the upcoming season unless something out of his hands happens."

Rumors have been swirling that Laba would have to leave Toronto because he is a DP, and Toronto just signed 3 DP's this offseason. Now that the slots are full, it's looking likely that he is the odd man out.

The source also said Toronto may have money to buy down his contract or to trade him for another piece to the ever evolving TFC puzzle.

"We're not sure what will happen. He hasn't met with Tim yet but that's something that will be figured out in the next few days."

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Report: Xavi in negotiations with New York Red Bulls (UPDATE)


Finding out more information now. Th story is being reported by respected Italian journal

The story is by Peppe Di Steffano who says the Xavi could be leaving as soon as the World Cup ends for Spain.

He is also reporting that if Xavi wants to leave, Barcelona won't stand in his way. The deal has just started and not close to being done.

More information here.

More details and information to come shortly.

(UPDATE) A source at gianlucadimarzio has told MLS Transfers that the deal is "moving very rapidly...similar to the Bradley deal."

(UPDATE 2): Twitter @barcastuff, has said that the Red Bulls have made an offer and Xavi is thinking about it. Link here.

(UPDATE 3): @PeppeDiSte says the deal is very close to being done. He was the original source on the rumor.

Source: Agudelo in England, club announced soon


A source in England has confirmed that Juan Agudelo is in England and looking to close in on a deal within the next few days.

It is not known what team is interested or if the team is even in England.

A possibility can be for Stoke City to sign and then loan the player out. It has been suggested that Belgium club Anderlecht might be the team Agudelo may play for if loaned out. Originally reported by the Daily Mail. Link here from Tribal Football.

More information and updates to come.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Source: Xavi has not been in contact with Red Bulls


Despite rumors that Red Bulls captain Theirry Henry has been trying to seduce Barcelona maestro Xavi, a source with knowledge of the situation in Spain has let MLS Transfers know that no one from the New York Red Bulls front office has made any contact.

What we do know:

-The source says Henry may or may not have contacted Xavi personally. This is not known at this time.

-The Red Bulls are in search for a "#10" and Xavi would clearly fit the role.

-The source insists that Xavi is happy but might make a switch if his role is diminished in the second half of the season. 

- The source can also tells MLS Transfers that New York are not the only team said to be courting the player. Paris St. Germain and German side Bayer Leverkusen are also to be said making inquiries.

More information to come.

Source: Deofe signing this weekend, back to EPL Tuesday (4:04 AM UPDATE on advertsing deal, game vs. Toronto)


A source in connections with Toronto FC has informed MLS Transfers that Jermain Defoe is set to sign his contract this weekend. In somewhat of a twist, the source is fairly sure the deal is contingent on Defoe heading straight back to the Premier League just days after he signs his contract in Toronto.

The source says Arsenal, Tottenham and another unnamed English club are looking to have him on loan from Toronto for the next few weeks before Toronto starts the MLS regular season.

The source is also saying that written in Defoe's contract could be another opportunity for a loan in the future used at the digression of the player. 

ESPNFC seems to be insisting Arsenal may be in play for Defoe as well. Link here.

More information to come.

(UPDATE) Defoe to Toronto FC is official per team twitter account here.

"We have reached an agreement with Toronto FC for the transfer of Jermain Defoe to the MLS side, with effect from February 28, 2014."

Also, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment has agreed to an advertising and marketing rights deal with Tottenham.

A third game of US Pre-Season tour has been added with Toronto FC on July 23, 2014.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rumor: Drogba has dinner with New York Red Bulls officials


According to Turkish outlet Sabah, Didier Drogba was taking his winter vacation in New York where he had dinner with New York officials.  The article also states that he had a meeting with Head of Red Bulls Global Soccer Gerard Houllier, and "allegedly responded positively".

NY Post reported over the summer that Drogba was talked about as a possible option to head to MLS, but insisted that New York wouldn't be involved.

More information to come.

DONE! Bradley to Toronto FC (UPDATES)


Taylor Twellman has dropped a bomb right here. A big bomb. Maybe bigger than Dempsey coming to MLS.

Could Michael Bradley be heading back to MLS at the age of 26?

More to come.

(Update 1): Twitter @ASRomaPress say that Roma is asking for something around 6-8 million euros while Toronto FC has offered 4. Negotiations are ongoing but talks are heating up. Link here.

(Update 2): reporting Toronto will spend $100 million dollars on both trasnsfer fees and salary on Defoe and Bradley. Link here.

(Update 3): Reliable David Amoyal (Twitter: @DavidAmoyal) has said that Bradley turned down a move to Chievo Verona last week and still has many European suitors despite this news.

(Update 4): Twitter: @DougMacESPN reports Bradley to Toronto is finalized. More information soon.

Bradley deal will be 5 or 6 years, around $6.5 million. Via Twitter: @JefferyCarlisle Link here.

(Update 5): Wow, Gab Marcotti on ESPNFC saying the transfer fee will be around $10 million.

(Update 6): MLS Transfers has been told via a league source that within the past few hours that Roma were looking to only loan Bradley but Toronto FO scoffed. Pressure from Bradley's agent, Ron Waxman helped the deal go through.

(Update 7): Hearing that the deal is not done just yet. Hold ups are due to Roma seeking other clubs to try to raise the transfer price. David Amoyal reporting German clubs Wolfsburg and Werder Bremen also interested. Link here.

(Update 8): Per Bradley's agency, Bradley to Toronto is complete! Link here.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Interview: Now in US National Team camp, Chris Klute focuses on future


September 12, 2012. That's when it seemingly all changed for Chris Klute. After a few months of solid performances with NASL's Atlanta Silverbacks, he was loaned to the Colorado Rapids for the rest of the 2012 season and the full 2013 season.

After a breakout year which saw Klute play 2,696 mintues and have 7 assists, he had the opportunity to train at Everton this offseason.

"Training at Everton was a great learning experience, I was able to learn a lot about the soccer culture and the style of play in Europe." said the 23 year old. "It was the type of experience where I was able to evaluate myself as a player and see where I would like to improve and better myself as a player."

Though Chris became one of the star defenders in the league, he was quick to nudge off the notion of a sophomore slump. "Once the season ended I've been taking care of my body, continuing to work out and maintaining a healthy diet. I'm excited for the MLS 2014 season to get back on the field."

Some of Klute's personal goals for next season are to continuously improve on all aspects on the field. "(I want to) continue improving as a defender, working with my teammates to continue what we started last season, and get a few more assists than this past season."

When asked where he sees himself in 5 years, Klute was honest. "Continuing to improve to be the best player I can be." What about if the opportunity arose to play in another country? "If other opportunities arise, I'd be willing to consider playing overseas."

Klute's development into become one of the best left backs in America keeps churning along as Chris was called into the US National Team's January camp. Many are hoping to see Chris in game action against South Korea on February 1st, and hopefully making his way into the full national team picture. If Chris shines, could we be seeing him in Brazil? That may be 6 months away but let's just say, the future looks bright.

-Marc Kusant (@TheRedestBull)