Sunday, August 31, 2014

Euro Transfer Deadline Day - MLS players involved

Source: Benfica have given a call back to the league office to see their interest in a Michael Bradley loan. Source says a loan in August is not in the cards but if they're still interested in January, they will have to pay "premium loan fee" to have him for the winter period.

Jermaine Defoe to QPR? @Ewingsports on twitter says the firing of Toronto coach Ryan Nelsen could convince him to leave. 

(UPDATE 1): @KurtLarSUN: Bezbatchenko says TFC has received an offer for Defoe. "We're in talks ... We have a relationship with Jermain...No decision has been made."

(UPDATE 2): QPR have submitted a bid for Defoe while MLS Transfers has also learned that Hull City has presented an offer for the striker. It is unknown if it is for a full transfer or loan. More information to follow.

Here's John Molinaro reporting QPR have submitted a $11 million bid:

@JohnMolinaro: Source tells me QPR has offered #TFC 11 million $ for Defoe. Bez won't confirm which club has made offer.

(UPDATE 3) Jermaine Deofe to QPR seems to be almost done. Player is in Engalnd says @KristianJack.

(UPDATE 4) Getting the impression from multiple sources that QPR's offer may be too low. Issue will be revisited in the coming hours. In the meantime, TFC FO are trying to convince Defoe to stay with the club.

(UPDATE 5) Newcastle, West Ham and Sunderland all linked with Defoe now according to report: Still time left in the window.

(UPDATE 6) Source tells MLS Transfers that QPR interest has almost vanished overnight. No new bid submitted. It seems like they have bowed out of the race for Defoe.

(UPDATE 7) Could Leicester City make a shock move today for Omar Gonzalez? Source says should they let go of one of their CB's today, they could make a call to the MLS league office. Gonzalez is currently making $1.25 million and Leicester City's strict wage cut off is at $1.6 million. Would be hard to convince him to join a relegation threatened side but Leicester have made it clear he is in their top CB purchase list. 

(UPDATE 8) Information on Tim Cahill: Millwall is the team interested in him but don't have the funds to bring the player in. No move is expected this window.

(UPDATE 9) Bradley Wright Philips to England? Still a possibility says a source close to the situation in England. That club? Blackpool. Strapped with cash, they could make a last ditch effort for the Red Bulls forward and have made contact in the past two weeks with MLS/New York.

(UPDATE 10) Cahill to Italy? Source from overseas says Cahill has stated that a move to Italy could be in the cards. Stay tuned. 

(UPDATE 11) The latest on Defoe: Source says Defoe was never strongly considered for Arsenal and he will not be signing with them. Hull City and QPR offers were REJECTED. Neither club has come back with another offer an multiple sources believe QPR are out of the race all together. Sky Sports is reporting Leicester City may have snuck themselves in the race. Sunderland and Newcastle still haven't submitted an official bid. 

(UPDATE 12) Leicester City asking TFC if Defoe would be interested via Sky Sports.

(UPDATE 13) QPR's Harry Redknapp telling Sky Sports that Defoe is "still a possibility" 

(UPDATE 14) @KurtLarSUN: BREAKING: @TheTorontoSun can confirm that Jermain Defoe will remain at TFC after rejecting multiple bids.

@KurtLarSUN: Toronto FC had "one hell of an offer" from an EPL club, a well-place source told the Sun. But Defoe will return to BMO Field.

(UPDATE 15) Sky Sports reporting Defoe and QPR are not done! Borini has hit a stumbling block, and they're still in need for a striker. Tony Fernandes: "There's a will from both sides to do something.." Sounds like Toronto might not want to release him now but in January!

(UPDATE 16) Benfica look likely to call Toronto back in January for Bradley loan.

(UPDATE 17) More on Defoe staying with Toronto

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