Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tyler Ruthven looking for MLS comeback


Tyler Ruthven has played for clubs in Sweeden and Finland in the past few years, but wantts back in MLS. With club names ranging from IK Brage and Kuopion Palloseura can you blame him?

The 25 year old from Georgia played for MLS side New York Red Bulls as recently as 2012, even going the distance in a 1-0 victory against eventual champions LA Galaxy. So why hasn't he landed a gig with another club stateside?

That question isn't so straightforward. Tyler was getting time with Kuopin Palloseura, even playing in a Cup final for a Europa League place, but MLS was still in the back of his mind, something he wanted to come back too.

"(The) season ended and I turned down an extension (with Kuopin) because I was dead set on returning to MLS...little did I know there would be 11 first round centerbacks." said the 6 foot 2 inch tall defender.

"I didn't enjoy Finland, there wasn't the same level of professionalism. I felt like I could play at the MLS level and I wanted to do anything to get back."

"Sure,I could play in a second tier league in Scandanavia until I'm 30 but I don't want to do that, I want to push myself to the highest level possible. I feel like I showed I could play in MLS and have unfinished business there."

Although coming close to signing with an agency, no deals came about. Hans Backe, former New York coach. has praised his work in Sweeden and Finland and continues to be a positive figure for Tyler.

"Hans has been helpful in Sweden. He always speaks highly of me."

When asked about former assistant coach, now head honcho of the Red Bulls Mike Petke, Tyler didn't shy away.

"Petke is focused on his job at hand, not sure if anybody has contacted him about me. Not sure what he would say. That being said, I owe him a great deal...he gave me my shot in MLS."

With most MLS rosters not fully set yet, Tyler could become the next unsung hero of any clubs backline. As for now, Tyler's training with the Atlanta Silverbacks of the NASL , working hard trying to get his next MLS contract.

Change of heart - Fred signs with the Union

In what is a 360 turn (that's 2 turns) from where Fred seemed only days ago, Fred will be signing with the Philadelphia Union after all. More details including length of contract and salary to follow soon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bye Bye Fred - Striker not joining MLS, Union

A source close to the situation in Philadelphia has told MLS Transfers that Fred, who has been on trial with the Union for some months now, will not be joining MLS.

The offer that came in from MLS was a "low ball offer" and something that Fred was never going to take. Not only that, but Fred would have to go through a wavier draft just to end up with the Union. This was not something Fred wanted to do.

Fred has an offer on the table from a lower division club in the United States, (rumors are Minnesota but not confirmed just yet) and a trial at another club.

We reached out to Fred but have not gotten a comment regarding the situation yet. Stayed tuned, as much more information will be found out soon.