Saturday, January 11, 2014

Report: Xavi in negotiations with New York Red Bulls (UPDATE)


Finding out more information now. Th story is being reported by respected Italian journal

The story is by Peppe Di Steffano who says the Xavi could be leaving as soon as the World Cup ends for Spain.

He is also reporting that if Xavi wants to leave, Barcelona won't stand in his way. The deal has just started and not close to being done.

More information here.

More details and information to come shortly.

(UPDATE) A source at gianlucadimarzio has told MLS Transfers that the deal is "moving very rapidly...similar to the Bradley deal."

(UPDATE 2): Twitter @barcastuff, has said that the Red Bulls have made an offer and Xavi is thinking about it. Link here.

(UPDATE 3): @PeppeDiSte says the deal is very close to being done. He was the original source on the rumor.

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