Sunday, April 6, 2014

A quick moment with New York's new defender, Armando


We had a chance to talk to New York Red Bulls defender Armando for a brief moment last week.

MLS Transfers: Who contacted you about joining Red Bulls?

Armando: The club contacted directly my agent, Gonzalo Gaitan from You First Sports, and he deferred to me the terms of the offer. We studied it together and we decided to take it and signing with the New York Red Bulls.

MLS Transfers: Why did you decide to play in New York?

Armando: I had very good references of the MLS through teammates and other players that knew about it and had had previous experiences in the league. They told me the league is growing and the competition is getting better, and obviously the appeal of New York was big.

MLS Transfers: What other options did you turn down to play in MLS?

Armando: Now that I am a New York Red Bulls player I would (not) prefer to comment on other possible offers I might have had.

MLS Transfers: Playing with Barcelona B for a few years, what did your experiences at the club teach you?

Armando: My experiences at Barcelona B helped me improve and grow as a player and person and it was a very important part of my career and life.

MLS Transfers: Playing with (Thierry) Henry and (Tim) Cahill, how's that been so far? Also, who do you think the next big player to join the Red Bulls will be?

Armando: Playing alongside players of worldwide recognition is an honor for me and I (can't) stop learning from them everyday. (Armando did not answer the second part of the question.)

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