Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Interview: Undrafted but ready for the next challenge: Enrique Cardenas

Via MLSsoccer.com

Enrique Cardenas didn't get drafted. Some have described him as one of the top midfielders in this years draft yet, no one took a chance on the diminutive attacker.

Ives from Soccer By Ives rated Cardenas as his 62nd best player in this years draft and Top Drawer had him as the 30th best player.

We had a moment to talk to Enrique, just a few hours after the second part of the draft ended.

MLS Transfers: You were described as being one of the best attacking midfielders in the draft. Why do you think you weren't drafted?

Cardenas: I didn't have the best showing in the combine. It's difficult to play in combines for many reasons but more importantly because the midfield gets bypassed so often.  Lots of long balls which is suitable for defenders and forwards, so it's difficult for technical players who like to play with the ball on the ground.

MLS Transfers: What are your raw emotions right now?

Cardenas: Disappointed. I know given an opportunity I would be successful because I wouldn't settle for anything but that. They measured my height, weight, fitness, but they didn't measure what matters most, my heart, and even more relevant, my soccer IQ and technical ability. But I'm completely okay with that because I don't want to play for a team or league that doesn't value those things. More importantly though, I have complete faith in God's plan. I know everything will work out. I look forward to proving everyone wrong.

MLS Transfers: I know you said you may have some opportunities overseas. Care to explain?

Cardenas: (My) agent is currently in talks with teams from Sweden, Finland and Germany. Sweden looks like a great opportunity. More suitable playing style for me.

MLS Transfers: Any MLS teams contact you after the draft?

Cardenas: Agent is currently handling that. Portland has invited me into training camp from his reports. Working on some other clubs but we'll see what comes about and weigh (the) options.

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