Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rumor: Source says French club "are out" of Agudelo sweepstakes


Where in the world is Juan Agudelo? Juan tweeted out a picture today of packed bags as it seems likely that he is moving to a new club. One place we know where he's not going: France.

A source from France has contacted MLS Transfers to let the news out that French side FC Lorient "are out" of the Agudelo madness.

After a series of emails, a lose translation of how it went down:

"Lorient are a known as a feeder club. They wanted Juan Agudelo to groom him for a few years to sell him on, as his value would be high after a year or so. They contacted Clive Jagger (Agudelo's mentor) before Christmas and he told the club he would talk to Juan. Clive let the club know earlier today that Juan already signed for another club outside of the country."

More news to come.


  1. Just recently stumbled on to this site. Its fantastic information. Thanks for filling the void that MLS Rumors left!