Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Houllier reaches out to N'Jie, Lyon youngster has doubts


MLS Transfers has learned from a source who requested anonymity at, that Red Bulls Head of Global Soccer Gerard Houllier has been in contact with Lyon about the possibility of a loan spell for 20 year old forward Clinton N'Jie to the New York Red Bulls.

The source, who also helped me write my last piece on N'Jie, says that Houllier has only recently been interested in the youngster after rave reviews from the New York Red Bulls coaching staff and Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh. Within the past week, Houllier put a call in to Remi Garde, manager of Lyon and asked what the status of the young Cameroonian was at the club. Garde told him that N'Jie was not for sale insisting he would be using him in European competitions for the rest of the season. Despite that news, Houllier contacted the player personally to ask of his interest. The source says N'Jie told Gerard he'd prefer to either stay and wait for playing time or go on loan for the rest of the European season to a French-speaking club.

Not a full time first team player, N'Jie has been quoted about loans in the past (check out my last article) and the source says that Clinton is frantically looking for playing time.

"Clinton knows he will be at Lyon until 2016 but doesn't want to get stuck in the shuffle at the club. He wants to break through by the end of the season and if not, then maybe then he'll be open to more loan options, especially for a club that one of his good friends (Marius Obekop) and star players (Theirry Henry, Tim Cahill) are on."

Looks like the N'Jie interest might heat up in June or July depending on where the Red Bulls are at record-wise and what the needs of the club are at the time.

-Marc Kusant (@TheRedestBull)

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