Monday, December 30, 2013

Interview: Jack McInerney talks offseason, attacking midfielders, Euro options and Union future


I had a chance to speak with 21 year old MLS All Star Jack McInerney of the Philadelphia Union today and we spoke on a number of different topics pertaining towards the future of Jack in the league and the future of the Philadelphia Union.

Jack on the offseason thus far: "For the most part just been relaxing. Last offseason I went in and was told to just recover from the previous season since I had not had a workload like that (before). So everyday I just lifted and touched the ball 2, 3 times a week and I started the season on fire. So this offseason I've been pretty much sticking to (the) same thing."

On manager Hackworth and players he might be playing with next season: "Last time we talked he asked what I think we needed and I said a through ball would be nice every once and a while. He laughed and said it was exactly what they were going to get this offseason. Never mentioned any names but I get the feeling it would not be a MLS player."

On MLS attackers he'd like to have in Philadelphia: "I thought Eddie J (Johnson), Zakuani or DeRo all would have been great fits."

On overseas interest: "I haven't (Heard of any interest overseas). The plan right now is to play out my contract and see what happens. Europe is eventually the goal though. If something came along though, I'm definitely interested."

On if the Union would come to him with a new contract: "Unless they came to me with something a good bit up there, I wouldn't take it."

-Marc Kusant (Twitter: @TheRedestBull)

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