Friday, December 27, 2013

Union desperate for attacking midfielder, update on Perez and new target


Philadelphia have new money to play with.

After the sale of Michael Farfan to Mexican club Cruz Azul, it seems the the Union are desperate for a new signing. A source says the allocation money the Union received for Farfan is more than enough to help the salary of a new, DP cost signing.

According to this report, Pablo Perez has been rumored as a signing but complications of him not wanting to join the league and the team are proving to be too difficult of an ask for the FO. In all this mess, the one thing Philadelphia has going for itself is its new found relationship with Newell's Old Boys says a source with connections to the Union FO. Newell's FO is trying to help the Union acquire a new target should Perez officially turn down the offer.

The source has told MLS Transfers that Martin Tonso, also of Newell's Old Boys, is another winter transfer target.

After doing some research, the first reports on this were by Juan Arango in this tweet:

December 24, 2013: @JuanG_Arango: BTW from what I've been able to gather and hear from Rosario, there have been inquiries from for Martín Tonso.

Those inquiries seem to be from the Union. Tonso is also an attacking midfielder and is his transfer value is listed at $2.4 million. It is unsure if the deal goes through if it will be a loan, or a permanent transfer.

More information to come.


  1. Pablo Perez seems like a cancer for any locker room. As a RBNY fan, I would love to see him in Phily lol. Plus he would be a good talent to add to MLS, but seems like a player easy to hate!

    1. Not sure he's a cancer, just looking at different options