Thursday, December 26, 2013

Q & A Session 12/25

Over the past few days we've asked you to ask questions on whatever in MLS you wanted. Here are some of the few questions we picked out to answer:

Question: @redbjb: give me a name for the Red Bulls. Nothing vague about a central creative attacking mid from South America. A name. Please.

Answer: Here's a name: Brian Sarmiento. New York has been in contact with him as he figures out his options for next season. A one time Argentinean U-17 player, he has played for over 7 clubs since 2008 and is looking for some stability.  Although probably not high on the Red Bull's list, they could get him for cheap as his contract with Arsenal Sarandi is set the expire next season and looks like they both want to split their separate ways.

Question: @Z_is_Binary: have the Grinch and Nick Sackiewicz ever been photographed together? Coincidence?

Answer: You might be on to something...

Question: @seanmophoto: any news or specifics on the "Gato" to Timbers rumors? Will he be a DP?

Answer: Specifics, no. But it looks like Portland has signed Gaston Fernandez. I expect him to be a DP just based upon his resume and value alone.

Question: @GuaraCP do you honestly see Jamar Loza coming into the Fire from Norwich? If so, how do u think he'll help the fire?

Answer: Not sure if he'll join or not just yet but if he doesn't, I expect Yallop to continue to identify players from Norwich to bring over. He wants new blood and fresh ideas in Chicago as soon as possible.

Question: @Captain_Kirk_16: will @FCDallas have a coach this season? Lol

Answer: They have to....right? But seriously, I'd expect to hear something within the next week or two at the latest.

Question: @jsggill: any updates on which Mexican clubs are interested in Camillo?

Answer: Yes, Queretaro is interested in signing him but from everything we're hearing is that new manager Carl Robinson wants him back. A loan offer from Queretaro seems the more likely option, and even that we have our doubts.

Question: @b_rampi: hear anything further on Michael Parkhurst with the January transfer window about to open? Big 6 months upcoming... #USMNT

Answer: Actually, we've heard absolutely nothing about him leaving or going on loan anywhere in the upcoming window. Unfortunate as he needs playing time if he wants to make the squad for Brazil.

Question: @ajvsell: Odds Agudelo stays in MLS (or stays here on loan) ?

Answer: Almost at nothing. His heart is set on Europe and he's supposed to talk to Mike Burns by the end of the week. Doesn't look to promising as of right now.

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