Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Interview with Seattle's new goalkeeper Stefan Frei

Stefan Frei is now a Seattle Sounder after today's trade from Toronto FC. The 27 year old Swiss talks to me about European options, what he's looking forward to in Seattle and US National team interest. 

Q: When did you first hear about this trade to Seattle?

A: Sigi's always told me that he'd love to have me as one of his players. While I was on my honeymoon a couple of weeks back my agent contacted me to inform me that there was a good opportunity that had come up. Needless to say I was ecstatic, a new chance with an amazing club.

Q: Any interest from any other MLS clubs?

A: Not that I knew of. I was in the process of going to Europe for tryouts, but once this chance presented itself, I couldn't turn it down.

Q: What leagues in Europe were interested in your services?

A: Due to my first language being German, we (his agent and himself) were aiming for Germany or Switzerland.

Q: Any particular teams that you were looking at?

A: No, just a team where I had a chance to progress and make a difference.

Q: Totally understandable after not finding the field much this season. Was there ever a point during the season where you thought Toronto was no longer the place for you and your future?

A: I knew that playing in a salary capped league, making a good salary and not getting a chance to get back on the pitch said it all. I was under no illusion that they still wanted me moving forward. It's also a good time in my career for a change in scenery. I spent 5 years in Toronto, I felt I was ready for a change. 

Q: What are you looking most forward to playing in Seattle?

A: Well there is the obvious answer of playing as part of a successful team in front of crazy fans, but I'm also excited to work with new coaches and teammates that I can learn from to further my game.

Q: Now I know that your second cousin Alex Frei is the Sporting Director for FC Luzern. Any talks with him to bring you in?

A: Funny thing, although I am related to him, I have actually never spoken to him. So no, there was no contact made there.

Q: Now, I know it's far away from your mind but if you got into good enough form, would you consider the US National team over your beloved Swiss?

A: Yeah, it's definitely a possibility. The US has a strong team and any player would be honored to be part of that squad.

Q: Lastly, you have come to terms with a new contract with Seattle. Can you speak about the length if the contract and your new salary?

A: I will let the league or Seattle answer that question.

-Marc Kusant (@TheRedestBull) 

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